Krasnodar vs Sevilla Tue 24 November 2020


The new fullmatchesreplay website offers a link to watch match krasnodar vs sevilla full match replay or live broadcast today on 11/24/2020 in the UEFA Champions League, Sevilla will be a guest in front of its opponent Krasnodar in the fourth round match of the Champions League this evening Tuesday Corresponding to November 24, in the confrontation that will be held today at the Kuban Stadium, the stronghold of the Krasnodar Club, the future must face today in the return leg of the group stage matches in the fifth group, and the Seville and Krasnodar match will start today, Tuesday, at 9:00 five in the evening KSA time and eight o’clock until Five in the evening Egyptian time in a match in which Sevilla is looking for victory outside the stadium.

Seville and Krasnodar match

Sevilla is currently the second-ranked team in the fifth group, with 7 points, equally with Chelsea, in first place, after Sevilla played three matches in the group stage so far and has achieved victory in two matches and a tie, and the last match played by Sevilla before the match Today, it was in front of its opponent, Celta Vigo, in which it won with four goals against two in the last round of the Spanish League, and the last match in the Champions League was to go at home in front of its opponent, the Krasnodar team, and it won by three goals to two goals.

Date of the match between Seville and Krasnodar

On the other hand, Krasnodar, the host of the confrontation, enters today, Tuesday, in the second leg of the group stage in the Champions League, and before today’s confrontation, Krasnodar is ranked third in Group Five with only one point out of three matches the team played and did not achieve victory in any match and a draw In a match against Rennes, he lost two matches, and in the first leg he lost away to Sevilla, and today in the second leg he is seeking to win against him to Reddine, and today the Sevilla and Krasnodar match will be broadcast on the second BBC Sport channel.

Expected Sevilla squad against Krasnodar

The expected Sevilla squad against Krasnodar today, Tuesday, is expected to play Sevilla with a lineup that will include goalkeeper Yassin Bono, and in the defense line Jess Navas – Conde – Diego Carlos – Escudero, in the midfield of Rakitic – Fernando – Jordan, and in the offensive line Soso – Luke De Young – Ocampos.

Krasnodar squad expected against Sevilla

The expected Krasnodar squad against Sevilla in the fourth round of the group stage in the Champions League. Today, Krasnodar is expected to play the match with a squad that will include Goalkeeper Matvey Savonov, and in the defensive line Igor Smolnikov – Kayo Pantaliaio – Alexander Maritinovich – Evgeny Chernov, and in the midfield. Daniel Utkin – Yuri Gazinsky – Tony Vilhina – Christopher Olson – Christian Ramirez, and in the front line Marcus Berg.

Official Sevilla squad against Krasnodar

Sevilla‘s official squad against Krasnodar today, Tuesday, the Sevilla coach announced the official line-up and will include in the goalkeeper Vachlik, in the defense line Escudero – Carlos – Conde – Gödelj, in the midfield of Fernando, in the offensive midfield Rakitic – Oscar, and in the iron attack line De Young – Ocampos


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